Coachella or Couchella?

Abby Peeler
2 min readApr 13, 2024

Which one are you celebrating in 2024 – take your pick this festival season.

Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash

Riding in on the back of a motorcycle, Lana del Rey makes her iconic entrance towards her church-esque Coachella set. Now, are you the viewer watching live at the festival, or are you watching the livestream at home in your pajamas?

Personally, I’m team Couchella, and my livestream is actually just watching clips on TikTok the next day.

This year, there has been a large online discussion on if Coachella is worth it with its high prices and festival-goers criticizing influencer culture. It seems that prices and public opinion had an impact on ticket sales this year, according to the LA Times.

While Coachella tickets are expensive, so is traveling to and staying in the area. It’s no secret that with the current state of the economy, most Americans have to cut out luxuries, such as going to festivals like Coachella.

Therefore, many choose to be online voyeurs of the festival through the lens of influencers and social media. Especially with the rise of the use of apps like TikTok, it is easy for viewers to enjoy different pieces of the festival from different perspectives of people at the event. The variety of creators making videos allows for some not attending to get an inside look into the festival.

Are you attending Coachella 2024, or will you be joining me on TikTok?



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