Election Day From an Eighteen-Year-Old’s Perspective

What is best for America?

Abby Peeler
3 min readNov 4, 2020
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I’m tired of hearing candidates yell back and forth, much like most of the American population.

Although I’m studying political science in college, my least favorite thing to discuss with my family is politics. Why, some might ask? Because it is very hostile, similar to this year’s debates.

Voting is crucial. Yet, it also feels like a burden. In 2020, it seems like no candidate can save us. Regardless of who wins, this year could still very well end up in flames. Who wins when we still all are miserable?

I’m also tired of hearing empty promises followed by accusations. These things are inevitable in elections. Politicians must offer people something.

I wish that instead of deepening the parties’ divide that the candidates offered more compromise. Honestly, I find there to be little compromise on either side, which I understand. At this point, I think that a candidate attempting a compromise would be seen as weak to many voters.

The truth is that voters don’t want compromise. We all want things. If a candidate matches our values perfectly, why would we want that to change?

People in the middle of the parties are confused. Where are their values represented? Logistically, third party candidates really don’t stand a chance in the election. You have a choice between two people who are currently focused on catering to their audience in order to win.

Conversely, I think they should be catering to the country’s population as a whole.

Why aren’t we connecting to everyone? Why aren’t politicians proposing real solutions to problems that we can actually solve in their term? Why are we allowing our future president, Trump or Biden, to offer up vague answers during debates? Why are these debates as chaotic as the world is right now? The most important question is: why are these candidates promoting the chaos?

People will defend their preferred candidate on that last question. However, I offer you this — would you be willing to compromise, too? We are all too worried about our own problems to focus on our country.

We have to be willing to help one another out, to compromise. If we are not willing to put aside our differences, we cannot expect our candidates to.

It’s about being open to hearing different perspectives, even the ones that seem bad to you. At the end of the day, you may not be swayed to their side, but you can know that you heard them out.

America needs someone to care for both parties. We need someone looking out for all the sides without calling out to their party. However, I find it unrealistic for this to occur right now.

I think America is feeding off of its differences. We are rallied up against each other, ready to fight — and for what?

What can violence solve that words cannot? It is always you versus them if you let it be. It’s impossible to change this dynamic without everyone evolving. We need someone to lead by example — that’s the way that we become better.

So what is best for the United States right now? Love one another. Understand one another. Divisions only foster hate. Change starts with you.



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