I Rewatched “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” So You Don’t Have To

Netflix has done it again.

Abby Peeler
3 min readAug 30, 2020
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In a week of going back to school, I already have set my sights on a new show to binge-watch while avoiding homework. I use the word “new” loosely as this show has been out since 2018 and, truthfully, I have watched it before. Rewatching this show has brought a lot of interesting observations to the forefront of my mind, so I thought I would share them with you.

The Writing

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This show sets out to be the more grown-up, sinister version reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The original Sabrina featured a lighter, more comedic theme. Maybe the original is better simply because it is the original, but I would say that its 90s/ early 2000s nostalgia mixed with its light-heartedness makes it so much better than this current version.

In fact, I think the mistake that this reboot makes is in trying to make everything more serious. Watching it at some points feels like a horrible day-time soap opera. The actors deliver these horribly awkward and cringy lines with straight faces, yet I can’t help but stifle a giggle watching it. My main problem with the reboot is the dialogue.

Okay, so the writing is not the greatest, but part of me loves it. I mean, I rewatched the series for a reason. The actual plot plays with some interesting concepts and has its audience on the edge of their seats. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not constantly cringing at their unforgivably bad dialogue.

The Cast

Like I said before, the cast is one of the things I enjoy most about the show.

The show features Disney Channel alum, Ross Lynch. His character, Harvey, is very loveable and feels very similar to the characters he played on Disney. In itself, I think using him as a cast member gives me a bit of nostalgia for watching him when I was younger.

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The main character, Sabrina, is played by Kiernan Shipka. I love the spin that Kiernan brings to Sabrina’s character, and I think that Kiernan is great in portraying the role well. Yet, the character has her moments as even the best actresses can’t fix those awkward lines. Sabrina has a lot of those.

The cast also includes Gavin Leatherwood as Nicholas Scratch, Chance Perdomo as Ambrose, Jaz Sinclair as Rosalind, and many more amazing actors and actresses. I think all of the cast work together very well and bring these characters to life in a dynamic way.


This reboot could be much worse. I’m actually surprised that it isn’t worse than it is. I think that Netflix got a stellar cast with lots of potential. The storyline also has potential that can carry on for many more seasons. But, if the writing doesn’t improve, then it just might be labeled as one of those Netflix originals. Hire better writers Netflix!



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