The Best Websites for Planning Your Next Roadtrip

These websites will change the way you travel this summer.

Abby Peeler
2 min readApr 13, 2024
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Since I was a little girl, I’ve been an avid roadtrip lover. I have always been obsessed with finding those off the beaten path, unique spots on trips, rather than seeing the same tourist traps as everyone else. However, visiting lowkey locations presents its own challenge – finding them.

Over the years, I have found various websites and apps that have made finding waypoints on a summer journey much easier. Additionally, these applications – Atlas Obscura and Roadtrippers– each have their own unique functions that have transformed the way I plan my trips for the better.

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Atlas Obscura

Arguably one of the best websites for finding outside-of-the-box travel destinations is Atlas Obscura. Their website boasts hundreds of activities and sites to see to not only do across the United States, but also, internationally.

The best way to utilize Atlas Obscura for traveling is to use their search tools to narrow down your location. Once doing so, you can browse all of the places they have listed in the area.

When you’re not actively looking for places to visit on your journey, Atlas Obscura also has a blog where they share their top picks for quirky places to go.


The app, Roadtrippers, is an effective way to plan your summer trip from start to finish. Although full access to their planning tools is not free, many of their base tools allow you to find most of your stops along the road trip as well as gauge total mileage without having to pay their membership fees.

Additionally, Roadtrippers provides other resources for travelers, such as staff-made travel guides and their own magazine.

At a glance, Roadtrippers is a great platform for you to visualize your trip, while seeing all of the possible stops near your route. I have used this app nearly every time I travel as it seems to have an endless amount of places for me to visit.

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Overall, Atlas Obscura and Roadtrippers have revolutionized the way I travel to new places. They have become my hub for finding distinct shops I may not have found otherwise.



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