Why I Love Wearing Masks

Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash

After being on campus for over a month, I have been wearing masks nonstop. At my university, we are required to wear masks inside and outside while on campus, so basically, I’ve been wearing a mask 24/7.

At first, I thought I’d hate it, especially because of all of the controversy surrounding it. However, as I wore the mask for work, I realized that masks really aren’t that bad, and here’s why:

You can breathe in them. Facebook posts make masks seem like they will be a life or death ordeal. It’s really not that bad. The worst thing that has occurred with me wearing my mast in the 100 degree heat is having an extremely sweaty face. Like, embarrassingly sweaty.

You don’t have to show half of your face. This is good for so many reasons. First off, you never have to wear makeup on the lower half of your face. For some people, that can cut off a lot of time in their morning routines. For me, it really just gives me a sense of peace. I don’t have to worry about how my face looks all of the time. I can slip by frenemies without having to say a word. The mask is my way out of uncomfortable small talk.

You can keep others safe. This point is a no-brainer. Masks were made to protect the people around you. I feel better about going about life, knowing that I can keep others safe by simply wearing a mask. I’m happy knowing that other people are willing to protect me, too.

It’s a fashion statement. Matching masks to your outfit is the new thing. If you need another reason to wear one, just imagine how cool it will be to match your striped mask to your striped shirt.

To those who are upset about mask wearing — don’t be. Yes, it sucks to have to sweat into a mask that can sometimes feel suffocating. But it sucks less than actually not being able to breathe and being on a ventilator.




Journalism student at the University of Kansas | Ghosted in America Podcast Host

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Abby Peeler

Abby Peeler

Journalism student at the University of Kansas | Ghosted in America Podcast Host

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